as if papaya could move
as if papaya could sing

Papaya will show you how,
how to dance sitting down,
singing like a vendor swaying up the street.

Eat light and become papaya,
roll glutted with sunshine,
curved for the slow dance in a terracotta glow.

Make a fiery entrance, burst through paper wall,
a drum roll here we are,
a bright brass interruption, centre stage silhouette.

Spit bitter black seeds, strike out and swing,
fling firecrackers down, snapping demons at your feet.

Papaya will show you how
how to dance with nothing at all
but slow smooth curves, voluptuous ease,

easy as a breeze, honey light of dawn,
juice of morning to fill you up.

So shake each minute bright as carnival
preen and shimmy and slide,
down to the dregs of your cup,

down to the last drop of all you’ve got
papaya will show you how.

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